#018 – We’re All Too Lazy

Hive Noise departs from its regular programming, again, because everyone’s been too lazy to mix up another fun show. Instead, Steve takes over to showcase his favorite moments from the past 10 episodes. (He doesn’t sound too happy about it, either.) Listen

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#017 – Steve’s Gay Pride Summer Spectacular

Hive Noise departs from its regular programming to bring you a special Summer Spectacular show! While Steve’s off to celebrate Gay Pride, we have lots of Audience Feedback to share, Dirk and Dmitri heckle you-know-who, plus many more surprises! Listen

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#016 – Crack Is Whack

Hive Noise is bringing more podcasting fun to your earholes! In this episode, the Angry Anus returns, Hector ponders more lumberjack violence, and PJ Tetweiller delivers a drug-filled sermon! Plus, Habeeb and Sanjay reveal their latest business plan, Steve’s Rolling Reporter wastes more time, Hive Noise News has a special report, and we listen to more of your Audience Feedback! Listen

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#015 – Alice Cooper & Dr. What?

Hive Noise brings more celebrities than you can handle, with Alice Cooper (sort of), Don Pardo (not really), and Jeff Bridges – in an advertising kinda way. Listen to an alternate McDonald’s Super Bowl ad and go behind the scenes at a Starbucks training center. Plus, more Rolling Reporter, Steve’s Poetry Corner, and tons of audience feedback from you! Listen

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#014 – Angry Kim Jong-un

Holiday hangovers complete, Hive Noise is back for 2015! Join Dirk, Dmitri, and Steve as they welcome Don Swanson as a new sponsor, pilot the new Angry Anus sitcom, and check in with Hector the Lumberjack. Plus, we listen in on Kim Jong-un’s secret hacking lair, feature you in a new Audience Feedback, and tons more! Listen

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#013.5 – A Very Krampus Christmas

It’s an unlucky Christmas on the 13th episode at Hive Noise! Meet Krampus, the evil Christmas troll-thingy! Frank Castille shares his holiday money-saving tips. Steve sets out on another Rolling Reporter to talk with Santa. Plus, a visit to heaven, Habeeb and Sanjay, a news report about November exit polls, and more! And, happy holidays from your pals at Hive Noise. Listen

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#012 – He’s a Lumberjack, But Not OK

Hive Noise is delivering more entertaining audio that’s chock full o’ wit and crafty humor! In this episode, you’ll meet Hector, an odd and familiar lumberjack from Miami. PJ Tetweiller stumbles by with a sermon on technology. Steve’s rolling and reporting is cleaning up… Plus, the Vatican is worried about a lonely Pope Francis, listen as Dirk and Dmitri build a sketch, and more! Listen

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#011 – Halloween Hauntings of 2014

Happy Halloween! In this episode, Dirk & Dmitri visit Steve’s spook alley for another Rolling Reporter. Plus, find out what the hottest new word is! Also, listen in on some spooky vampires, learn about a new romantic Halloween movie, and lots of other scary stuff you don’t want to miss! As always, leave your creative input at 724-374-3380 or at our website hivenoise.com and be on the next show! Listen

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#010 – Missing Beer, But Not Steve

In a fit of rage, Steve abandoned Hive Noise to start his own podcast. Learn about and listen to his new show clips in our exclusive interview! Meanwhile, the boys continue recording without him, his beer, or his Red Vines. Plus, the first Hive Noise fundraiser, a dubious pet store, an employee lawsuit, we visit the ballpark, and much more! Leave your creative input at 724-374-3380 or at our website hivenoise.com and be on the next show! Listen

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#009 – We Piss Off Steve

Hooray! It’s another episode from your friends at Hive Noise! This time, find out what happens to loney tech. support folks when call volume is low, learn about the latest dating app, of sorts, and find out what’s going on with BJ Tetweiller. Plus, Chinese food, poetry, and we listen to your input and roll call messages! Listen

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