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#008 – Comedy Slackers

After a brief hiatus, the boys find new ones and are back with another Hive Noise comedy podcast! Meet Frank Castille and learn about his 8-step wealth program! Steve’s Rolling Reporter segment reports from a gentlemen’s club! More messages from … Listen

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#007 – Steve’s Rad Memorabilia Mix

Steve here! I’m taking over the show since Dirk & Dmitri are off galavanting on a beach somewhere with their significant others. That leaves me in charge, because I pay the bills anyway. Here are some of my favorite bits … Listen

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#006.5 – Hive Noise New Year’s Eve Mini-Cast

Here’s a little taste to tide you over until then next full Hive Noise podcast: it’s the special New Year’s Eve mini-cast, sponsored by Spritzy a Stiffy! You won’t find this episode on any other sites, so be sure to … Listen

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#006 – Hive Noise Christmas Spectacular

Join us at Hive Noise as we celebrate the season in our Christmas Spectacular show! As always, your input is shared with all our listeners, the boys get festive at a holiday party, we’re visited by The Old Man again, … Listen

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#005 – Adventures of Brimley, Batman, and Elvis

On this episode, there’s lots of audio input from Hive Noise listeners! Dirk & Dmitri check in on their new advertising campaign and enjoy a Thanksgiving celebration. Also, a new sponsor offers a product for Mormon missionaries, Batman & Elvis … Listen

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#004 – Halloween Hijinks

It’s a special Halloween Hive Noise! Dirk and Dmitri take Steve trick-or-treating, BJ Tetweiller expounds on the evils of the season, and we play some of your spooky input. (Portions of this show were recorded in front of a live … Listen

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#003 – Liverpool Lads in Hicksville

This time we listen to your input and dip into the mail sack. Plus, you’ll meet some lads from Liverpool, learn about Steve’s family, and even get a visit from Carl Sagan! Also, Dmitri and Steve have it out while … Listen

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#002 – Steve Raps and Rolls

Dirk & Dmitri play your input, listen to more Voices of the Interwebs, and even feature a special segment from Steve! Thanks to Habeeb’s, Religion the Game, and Vigalis for help in producing this episode.

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#001 – The Inaugural Show

You’ll meet Dirk and Dmitri, Steve, Rev. BJ Tetweiller, and some of YOU our listeners, as we launch the very first Hive Noise show! After listening, be sure to submit your audio input for possible inclusion in a future show!